Fertility Nurse Concierge, What's that and why do I need it??

Why I became Fertility Nurse Concierge?

While working as an IVF nurse for a fertility clinic I discovered that patients having to give themselves a shot was a roadblock to #IVFtreatment and #eggfreezing; essentially a roadblock to their dream of #parenthood.

Being diagnosed with infertility is difficult enough. Now factor in requiring #IVF treatment that will require you to take #fertility medications which you have to mix and give yourself a shot. It can be a bit overwhelming! Preferred Fertility Concierge came to be because I wanted people to have the support that they needed for their fertility journey.

Imagine investing your time, money, energy, and heart into IVF treatment; you're committed but then you get this large box at your doorstep filled with various medications, syringes, needles, and other supplies that you'll need to carry out your treatment. You thought you would be able to do it, but then you realize you can't. You're due to start your injections tomorrow and panic and anxiety arise. This story become a recurring situation among my patients, and I had no real solution for them. I would get calls and emails asking if there was anyone who could help them with their shots and there was no one! We'd direct them to home health care agencies who had no clue about these "special" medications. Sure, any nurse could give an injection, but these medications are special and very expensive. And our patients are special and a bit vulnerable at this time. They deserve special attention from someone who knows exactly what to do with these medications.

Why are we mobile fertility nurses?

Most people tend to feel the most comfortable at home. This was an important factor when I started Preferred Fertility Concierge. I wanted to alleviate the stress of having to worry about transporting medications that required refrigeration, and all of the needles, and syringes. And let’s not mention the stress that can be caused by simply driving and having to deal with traffic. It’s a bit more comforting to be able to sit on your own coach and not have to share a space with strangers during such a personal occasion. Having an experienced IVF nurse who understands every aspect of IVF treatment and who can empathize with you is important during this process. I was able to be a listening ear, set realistic expectations during treatment, and make suggestions to navigate the journey manageable and a more pleasant experience.

IVF and Egg Freezing requires injections!

Once the patients finally get passed the fact that they actually have to have a shot; now comes all the other questions: will it hurt, how big is the needle, how many days will I have to take shots? Even with having an expert #fertility nurse, the first injection is usually the toughest because patients don't know what to expect. Once the first injections is done you’ve gained their trust and their anxieties lessen. Typically, the visit ends with the client actually thanking the nurse for giving them the injection, imagine that. It's not often someone thanks you for giving them a shot, but it's true.

This is who I am, not just what I do!
I believe that every person that desires to be a parent should be afforded the opportunity. Whether that's through IVF, elective or medical #egg freezing, #surrogacy, or any other type of assisted reproductive treatment, Preferred Fertility Concierge "Sticks Behind Building #Families!!"

When I started as a fertility concierge nurse, I found myself doing two of the things I liked the least: waking up early and driving. Now I see it as an opportunity to share my gift with those who need my #support to achieve the families they long for. Somehow those early mornings and drives have become enjoyable to me. It provides time for gratitude. I’ve heard that when you do what you love it doesn’t feel like work. Let’s just say being a fertility concierge nurse feels like love!

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